TIBOR Ernő - Self-portrait

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Tibor Ernő

Self portrait

oil, canvas, 46 x 65 cm

The painter Tibor Ernő was born in Oradea in 1885. He studied in Budapest and Paris, at the Julian Academy. He worked in many European cities, then returned to Oradea where he taught at the School of Painting. In 1944 he was deported to Auschwitz. In 1945 he died in Dachau.

An overview of the painter's career shows the openness with which he experimented with a variety of styles. The green mustache, the turquoise jaw, the orange lips are imprints of the Fauvist current, an avant-garde movement in which colors were no longer used by the logic of fidelity to nature, but were chosen in such a way as to create the most intense and bright chromatic contrasts.

If in a work built on the logic of recessive color theory, a blue surface would have been diluted in the background like a shadow, in Ernő's self-portrait, saturated blue seems to detach from the work due to the fact that the artist uses both cold and dark colors, on shaded surfaces as well as on light surfaces.

The composition presents the self portrait of the artist, half turned toward the viewer, in an interior displayed in an array of brown tones, characteristic of the artist. The portrait's complexion is created with a modernist touch, built with wide brushstrokes in hues of blues, greens, magentas and ochres. These vibrations on the canvas bring the artist to life, making him almost tangible.

Tibor Ernő

Self portrait

oil, canvas, 46 x 65 cm

  • unsigned

    probably dates from 1906-1907

  • on the back:

    OPCN Bihor stamp on the canvas and on the stretcher

    export label 0010/2020

  • Condition of the work:


  • Documents:

    export certificate no. 0010 from 2020

    certificate of authenticity issued by Virág Judith Gallery from December 15, 2019

  • Exhibited:

    Nagyváradi Múzeum (Museum of Oradea), 1908

    Magyar Vadak Párizstól Nagybányáig 1904-1914, (Hungarian Fauves from Paris to Nagybánya 1904–1914)

    Magyar Nemzeti Galéria (Hungarian National Gallery), Budapest, 2006

  • Reproduction:

    Passuth Krisztina - Szücs György (ed.): Magyar Vadak Párizstól Nagybányáig 1904-1914 (Hungarian Fauves from Paris to Nagybánya 1904–1914), Magyar Nemzeti Galéria (Hungarian National Gallery), Budapest, 2006, p. 186. (in the exhibition catalog it appears with the mention: unknown Hungarian artist: portrait of a man around 1906 - 1907)

Tibor Ernő

Tibor Ernő

Oradea, 1884 - Dachau, 1945

The special atmosphere of his hometown was a source of inspiration for his life and art.

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