Still nature with nuts

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Alma Redlinger

Still life with nuts

Oil, canvas, 65.5 x 54 cm

After the establishment of the communist regime in Romania, the artists were forced to submit to the artistic program of the party, and the imposed style was socialist realism. In the 1970s, however, Romania went through a so-called period of cultural "thawing", a context in which several artists began to experiment with contemporary Western artistic styles.

A large part of contemporary artistic directions have their roots in avant-garde artistic movements. Cubism at the beginning of the twentieth century will leave its mark on contemporary art, as can be seen in the work of Alma Redlinger.

The principle of analytical cubism, to capture an object from several angles reassembled in a single image, can be seen in the way the glass is rendered, whose cylindrical trunk seems to be viewed from the front, while the rim of the glass appears to be viewed from above.

The principles of synthetic cubism, that is the last phase of the style initiated by Picasso and Braque, are even more clearly emulated in this work. In the synthetic phase, the bodies are not rendered from multiple angles, but are reduced to a few suggestive stylized shapes.

If Picasso and Braque often use collage in the synthetic period, Alma Redlinger creates images with a similar look using only oil, through these flattened and overlaid surfaces like paper cutouts, glued on top of each other.

In the period of analytical cubism, all the artists' works were dominated by gray and ochre, but in the synthetic period they return to a wide chromatic palette, as in the case of the flat and saturated surfaces of this work.

The work is a still life made in an abstract geometric manner, using the colors brown, blue, white. The artist uses a quality contrast between pure blue and saturated brown, which achieves an impactful result, despite the economy of the color range. Also, in terms of shape, there is a contrast between the organic side of the natural elements - nuts and twigs - and the geometry of the composition.

Alma Redlinger

Still life with nuts

Oil, canvas, 65.5 x 54 cm

Signed at the top right in gray: Alma Redlinger

  • on the back:

    At the bottom left auction label, lot 552

    Chassis inscription:


    15. In the workshop - Walnuts

    On the chassis: 3 stamps of the Plastic Fund

  • Condition of the work:

    good, requires cleaning

Alma Redlinger

Alma Redlinger

Bucharest, 1924 - Bucharest, 2017

She could have become an accountant had it not been for the series of tragedies that took place in Romania between 1939 and 1942.




Oil, canvas, 63 x 58 cm