Rónai Géza

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Rónai Géza

Debrecen, 1886 - Budapest, 1944

The Life

We may not know the “how”, but we know the “what” - Rónai Géza was among those killed the Holocaust.

The Art

His work is characterized by landscapes created in oil and pastels and his interest in making visible the force of color.

Under the spotlight

Rónai Géza comes from a family of modest bearings, his father being a timber merchant.

Although he studied in the artists' colony in Baia Mare, he was mainly concentrated on a career as an actor.

Starting1930 he has regularly participated in exhibitions at Műcsarnok and Budapest National Salon. Like other artists in our collection, who worked in the Hungarian capital at the beginning of their career, he is a member of the OMIKE association (the Israeli Cultural Association of Hungary which activated between 1910-1944).

His work depicts landscapes in oil and pastel, whereby the artist's interest in the power of color becomes visible.

Although we do not know the exact circumstances, we do know that Rónai Géza was one of the millions of victims in the Holocaust.


Tailor’s Bastion of Cluj, 1933

pastel, paper, 59 x 49 cm

Tailor’s Bastion of Cluj, 1933