Porter Paula

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Porter Paula

Arad 1884 - Auschwitz 1944

The Life

Paula's life is at times similar to the Impressionist art movement: an open composition yet following reality.

The Art

In our collection, Porter Paula enchants us with still life, through whose theme the artist declared that she wanted to "set a moment in time". She is also known to have painted landscapes and portraits.

Loving the Art scene

Between 1908 and 1911 she attended the College of Fine Arts in Budapest and then studied for two years in Paris and Munich.

In 1913 she participated in Paris Art Salon, where she attracted attention and became a visible artistic personality.

In 1922 Porter Paula had a personal exhibition in Vienna, followed by an exhibition with the same success in Berlin. She became a member of the National Salon and the association of Hungarian Artists. Starting in 1939 she participated in the exhibitions of visual arts organized by OMIKE (the Hungarian Israeli Cultural Association active between 1910-1944).

Deported, she probably died in Auschwitz in 1944.


Still life, 1921

oil, cardboard, 59 x 78.5 cm

Still life, 1921