Hoffer Paula

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Hoffer Paula

Hungary 1896 -?

The Life

A mystery. She was born with a German last name and lived through the torment of being a Jew.

The Art

Paula Hoffer's painting "Nude" brings to light the influence of the Plein Air painting of the Painter Colony's first generation (and the influence especially of Károly Ferenczy). Her work is mostly oil on canvas.

The past of a ghost

On 20 May 1896, Paula Hoffer came into the world to greet her mother Paula Schindler.

As we learned from the list of students at the Academy of Arts in Budapest (1911-1924), she grew up pursuing an artistic career. There isn't much information about her life or her career, seeing how she lived through the First World War, so we assume that her years of study were probably interrupted by the events of that period. We found out that in 1917 she traveled to Baia Mare, where she attended the Painter's Colony. There she painted the "Nude" painting, signed and dated with the same year when she joined the Colony.

Two years later, in 1919, she appeared on the list of teachers at the State Civil School in Erzsébetfalva, Pestszentimre, and then the one in Temple Square near the capital Budapest, where she taught drawing and handcraft. The last information we have gathered about her life is a mention her name got in a newspaper from 1929 (in addition to that of the painter Dezső Czigány ), from which we learned that the state provided her with a studio in the new common house on Németvölgyi road in Budapest.

We don't know when, where or how she died.


Nude, 1917

Oil, canvas, 42.5 x 26 cm

Nude, 1917