Hermann Margit

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Hermann Margit

1891 Cluj -?

The Life

If Margit's life is unknown to us, her art can at least shed a light on her personality, thus having us believe that she was a true-to-life individual, one who followed the rules and paid attention to every detail on her way to achieving an artistic career.

The Art

Dedicated to Naturalism, Margit painted mostly still life in pastel.

A natural at painting

Only a dictionary article and a few works published in the auctions are at our disposal to give us an idea of the painter's art.

All we know about her life is that she was born in 1891 in Cluj, but the year and place of her death are unknown, as is the artist's way of life.

She studied at the Budapest School of Fine Arts between 1912-1919. According to the dictionary "Művészeti Lexikon" (Art Lexicon) she mainly created still life in pastel, and in 1913 she started to exhibit at National Salon in Budapest.

From the few known oil paintings by the artist that were sold at auction, including the "Nude" from our collection, it can be deduced that her style was derived from Hungarian Academism of Munich origin, adapted to the requirements of Naturalism, as these were the artistic sources from which artistic education was nourished and from which the artists of the new generations distanced themselves at the beginning of the century. This style, which avoided Plein-air painting and required working with the earthy palette and studio light, served the tastes of the conservative bourgeoisie.

We couldn't find any information about when, where, or how she died.


Woman on the water Shore

Oil, canvas, 117 x 62 cm

Woman on the water Shore