Hadzsy Z Olga

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Hadzsi Z. Olga

Budapest, 1880 -?

The Life

We don’t know where and when she passed away, but we know she lived her life… through her paintings.

The Art

Her work, according to the renowned art critic Béla Lázár, “includes a kind of brilliant ease, a relaxed simplicity…”

The early stages

Born on April 13, 1880, Hadzsy Z. Olga began her studies at The School of Industrial Drawing (Iparrajziskola) in Budapest, her hometown.

From 1896 she studied at the Higher School of Fine Arts, becoming the student of teachers Antal Neogrády and Lajos Deák Ébner.

A review to change a life

On the occasion of participating with a series of watercolor works in a graphic exhibition within the National Salon in 1906, the young artist received a review by the renowned art critic Béla Lázár: “The works of Olga Hadzsy are the most special. They include a kind of brilliant ease, a relaxed simplicity, which shows her taste developed after the great watercolorists.”

She studied at the Superior School, while working in Baia Mare, then at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, and continued her artistic training in London and Munich.

Landscapes, portraits, and still lifes

As for her work, she made a copy of Holbein's painting of St. Elizabeth in Munich, at the request of the Hungarian state. She had a personal workshop in Rome (in 1911-1912), opened a personal exhibition in her studio in Budapest (in December 1913), where she exhibited about 100 works. Also, she organized a new personal exhibition in the Budapest workshop (in 1928), which featured landscapes, portraits, and still lifes; and painted an altarpiece for the chapel on Margaret Island (in 1935). And in 1941 she exhibited almost 100 paintings at the retrospective exhibition organized at the "Műterem" Gallery in Budapest.


Nude with burgundy drapery

oil, canvas, 112 x 102.5 cm

Nude with burgundy drapery