Before the storm

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Paizs Goebel Jenő

Before the storm, 1919

oil, canvas, 54 x 53 cm

The painting "en plein air"(in the open air ), that is the painting made by the artist in nature, with the help of the portable easel and the paints in the tube, appears only in the 19th century. Landscapes from earlier periods were built and created in the workshop and yet they seemed to better mimic the look of reality.

When the artists of the Barbizon school and then the Impressionists began to paint in nature, their stake was not to create a landscape photographically. They went out to discover and capture natural light and how it is reflected and decomposed on different surfaces.

The changing light from minute to minute forced the artists to work as fast as possible, simplifying their shapes, which are no longer built from rigorous drawing, but from brushstrokes full of texture in the impasto technique

Color came to be understood and used in a completely different way once artists begin to focus on light ...

.. because all colors and color contrasts are the products of the reflection and refraction of light on surfaces with different optical properties, whether it is the surface of a blade of grass or water particles that form clouds.

The work is executed in a modernist style with impressionistic color accents. The line of the horizon is placed in the center of the canvas, dividing into equal parts the foreground and background. The separation is emphasized by the chromatics used and the warm-cold contrast. The horizon is interrupted by the haystack, and the horizontal continuity is broken by the path placed diagonally on the right of the composition.

Paizs Goebel Jeno

Before the storm, 1919

oil, canvas, 54 x 53 cm

  • signed and dated at the bottom right with black:

    Goebel. J. / · 1919

  • Condition of the work:


  • Documents:

    export sheet no. 327686

    certificate of authenticity drawn up by Tűzkő Péter

Paizs Goebel Jenő

Paizs Goebel Jenő

Budapest, 1896 – Budapest, 1944

The outside world saw him as a deaf.

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